ScanRobot 2.0 MDS


Scanning speed at its best. Experience performance as never before.

Up to 2,500 pages / hour. The pattented & cutting edge technology of the ScanRobot 2.0 MDS allows you to maximize your productivity. Moreover its unique prism technology ensures highest quality.

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ScanRobot - Maximum productivity with no loss of quality.

  • Automatic page turning (up to 2,500 pph)
  • Semi-automatic / weightless mode
  • Process monitoring & Double sheet control
  • Market leading technology (sold in >60 countries)
  • Patented capturing system
  • Unique prism technology

Unique 60° V-Shape Book Cradle

With the smallest opening angle on the market of automatic book scanners, the ScanRobot allows most gentle book scanning with no overstrechting of the books.

  • Self centering & adjustable between 60° and 100°
  • Suitable for hard & soft covers
  • Gentle book handling (no glass plate needed)
  • Fast book changeovers
  • Ergonomic design

Perfect Image Quality

The patented & unique capturing system of the automatic book scanner ScanRobot ensures distortion free scanning up to the book fold with perfect page illumination independent from ambient light.

  • Distortion free & homogenous scanning (no curvatures)
  • Equal & constant focus (always correct dpi)
  • Independent from ambient light (perfect page illumination)
  • No mechanical shutter
  • Minimum calibration (static white balance)

ISO Compliance

High image quality according to ISO 19264-1: Photography — Archiving systems — Imaging systems quality analysis.

  • ISO compliant image quality optional available
  • Upgrade of existing ScanRobot® to ISO compliance is possible

Scan Robot


Planetary Scanner

  • No distortions
  • No curvatures
  • No waves
  • Exact page margin scan
  • Perfect illumination
  • Distortions
  • Curves
  • Waves
  • No exact page margin
  • Perfect illumination
ScanRobot® Before
Planetary After

Real Time Output Options

Save time with the innovative ScanRobot concept and create customer proven and ready to use outputs in real time during the scanning process.



As close to the original as possible (facsimile).


Perfect looking images for any presentation needs.


Optimal quality for printing press requirements.


Due to its unique design the ScanRobot is able to handle any bound material.

  • Gentle handling options for historic books
  • Fast book changeovers for modern books
  • Fixation options for magazines or bound newspapers
  • Single scan technology (for covers, folded maps, loose pages)
  • Optional: booklet processing device

Touch Free Page Turning

Most gentle page turning due to adjustable air flow.

  • Patented page turning technology
  • Automatic (up to 2,500 pph)
  • Semi-automatic / weightless mode (pressure free scanning)
  • No glass plate needed
  • No fingers needed

Developed for Mass-Digitization

Engineering at its best. Besides its cutting edge scanning technology the ScanRobot is ready for any scanning challenge.

  • Robust - Designed for 24/7 shift operation
  • Reliable - Only one active moving part
  • High quality industrial components (low downtime)
  • Long system life cycle
  • Worldwide customer proven

Software Features

ScanGate RT - Capturing software with real-time processing
(included in every ScanRobot)

  • Efficient job management
  • Live view of scanned & processed images
  • Powerful recognition & evaluation functions
  • High quality color management (ICC profile standards)
  • Dublin Core metadata interface

Add-Ons (Optional)

  • Text recognition software for automated processing of OCR
    (OCR Enterprise solution - UNLIMITED)
  • Customized workflows to accelarate your individual processes
    (RT-Batch workflows for Automated Batch Processing)

RT-Batch Workflow Options

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