ScanGate® LWF


The most powerful stand-alone workstation/desktop software for image processing & automation.

Create your ready-to-use outputs by customized & highly automated workflows for archiving, presentation and reprint.

As close to the original as possible (facsimile).


As close to the original as possible (facsimile).
Perfect looking images for any presentation needs.


Perfect looking images for any presentation needs.
Optimal quality for printing press requirements.


Optimal quality for printing press requirements.

Image Processing

Output oriented image enhancement by using local workflows with batch processing exact for your needs.

Before Before
After After


Unique local workflow concept (LWF) with automated batch processing

The ScanGate® LWF software with its customized local workflows (LWF) enables to automate the image processing and helps to generate outputs according to the requirements of archiving, presentation or reprint needs.

It helps to reduce manual treatment to a minimum of tasks and speeds up the image processing due to automation & automated batch processing.

Easy job management

The job management allows to monitor and organize ongoing batch processes of various jobs in a very easy way.

Powerful recognition & evaluation functions

Automatic border & page color recognition, text underline , split line detection, border evaluation (page size, detection page spread, distances etc.)

Comprehensive image treatment tools

Deskewing, cropping, rotation, extrapolation, ICC profile rendering, background homogenization / normalization, achromatism reducing, binarization (dynamic threshold), brightness / contrast adaption, unsharp masking, image scaling, page splitting, zip merge & unzip merge.

Fast live preview:For the fastest quality control the of treated images
DC metadata interface:For the creation of fixed metadata xml-files based on the Dublin Core standard
External interface:Eays import of single images / scans from a hot ”folder”
Import interface:Comprehensive interface for bulk importing from various folders
Input file formats:JPEG, JPG2000, TIFF, TIFF G4, PNG, GIF, BMP
Output file formats:JPEG, JPG2000, TIFF, TIFF G4, PNG, GIF, BMP, PDF, PDF/a
Multi language user interface:Software available in over 15 languages
Minimum PC-requirements: Memory: 8GB / Hard drive: 2TB (7.200 Rpm) / OS: Win 7 / 8 / 10 (64 bit)

Software Add-Ons (Optional)

OCR Enterprise solutions - UNLIMITED TM

Text recognition software for automated processing of OCR-jobs for over 130 languages (incl. Gothic/Fraktur).

Bookeye Interface module:

Available for models: Bookeye 4 V1A, V1A-C35 Professional and V2 Professional Archive.

Advanced image processing tools:

E.g. color replacing, blurring, tiff tag changing, etc.

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