The Eclipse® high-speed microfilm scanner delivers the fastest scanning capabilities in the industry and helps organizations quickly covert their roll film into high quality digital images at speeds up to 2,000 frames per minute. Convert your entire microfilm collection in less time!

nextScan’s high speed microfilm scanner solution includes the Eclipse® scanner, software, installation, training and support. Contact us today to develop your film conversion project.

Convert With Confidence.

Don’t leave the fate of your archives to chance. Your microforms contain priceless records that cannot be found anywhere else. These records deserve the best — a powerful high-performance system with advanced optics and precision line scan capture technology.


Fastest Scanning Capabilities and Image Capture in the Industry

Confident Image Capture. Produce high-resolution scans at up to 2,000 images per minute with one-of-a-kind line scan capture technology. Media is captured top-to-bottom, end-to-end, producing a true archival digital reproduction, while ensuring all data is secured.

Unmatched High-Resolution Images

Confident Image Quality. Eclipse® creates superior digital images from even the most challenging source film. Proprietary lighting, LUMINTEC™ technology, nearly doubles native image resolution while high-precision optics capture raw detailed images, expanding the ability to see fine details from the original record.

Optimal Project Workflow Software

Confident Project Management. Streamline your conversion process with NextStarPlus® Software, designed to optimize workflow and minimize operator setup and QA. Unique NextStarPLUS® features allow for simultaneous capture, index, audit, and output enabling optimal film processing performance. Operators can index and audit one roll of film while scanning the next.

Gentle on Delicate Film

Confident Film Handling. Patented anti-tension film transport ensures perfect linearity while scanning and eliminates image distortion caused by external elements. This technology gently regulates film between the intake and outtake motors maintaining integrity of delicate film.


  • Reliable High-Speed Microfilm Image Capture
  • Military-Grade Image Processing
  • High-Resolution Digital Images
  • Gentle on Delicate Film
  • Fully Configurable Project Workflow
  • Best-in-Industry Warranty


  • Variable size documents and image positions
  • Multiple film file formats
  • Variable indexing to digital files
  • Captures up to 3 levels of blips
  • Enhancement of signatures and handwritten data on filmed images


  • Scanner
  • PC – Optional Internal or External (User Specified)
  • High Resolution Lens with LuminTec™ Lighting Technology
  • NextStar PLUS Workflow Software Platform
  • Optional Digital Storage Server (RSD)

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