LIMB Processing


Software for processing, enhancing and converting cultural heritage into digital cultural heritage

LIMB Processing is the first software solution to offer all the tools needed for digitization projects: project management, image processing, document processing (OCR, structuring, etc.), quality control, metadata management, as well as multiple conversion formats for long-term archiving, digital libraries or on-demand printing.

The all-in-one solution for managing your projects!

LIMB is the first software application that provides all the tools for today’s digitization projects, including project inventory, image processing, quality control, OCR, document structuring and multiple format exporting for long-term archiving, digital libraries or print on demand (POD).


A single tool

A unique tool for processing, enhancing, structuring and converting your collections into digital assets.


Reduce your work time with automated processing and optimized workflows.


LIMB Processing has been developed to make digitization projects easy and effective.

Enhance your content

LIMB Processing processes raw images and enhances them with metadata, search engine compatible text, tags and quality control.

Time saving

Once installed, LIMB Processing allows you to convert and enhance files that have already been scanned or are being scanned (on the fly) using existing or custom processing templates. LIMB Processing can process images from one or more scanners simultaneously.

High productivity

LIMB Processing has been developed to be an efficient production tool. LIMB Processing has a dashboard to enable simultaneous monitoring of all projects in progress and direct access to current or pending tasks for each project.


LIMB Processing has been designed to maximize productivity and optimize operator efficiency. The user interface is easy to use for both the production manager and the operator, which helps to make LIMB Processing the most efficient software on the market.


Enhances the value of your content while reducing digitization costs.


LIMB Processing can handle many types of documents from different collections and in different formats, including books, archives, registers, maps, newspapers, photos, paintings and other works of art.

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