LIMB Gallery


Create your own digital library

Your collection is created by importing your metadata and media. The LIMB Gallery provides visual hooks, a powerful search engine and a complete back office to facilitate the management of your content and collections. LIMB Gallery is the simplest and most agile solution yet for building and sharing your online collections.

Build and Share Your Collections Online With LIMB Gallery!

LIMB Gallery, the easiest & fastest way to create and manage your collections online. Simply import your media : images, videos, audio and metadata associated. .


A powerful research tool

Facetted search dynamically created with the Metadata Language based fuzzy search (spelling mistakes, similar sounds and alternative suggestions).


The solution is delivered with 4 different design templates and full access to the template source code for customization.

Responsive design

Engage more visitors with the ability to discover content from any platform including tablets and mobile phones. LIMB GALLERY is delivered with a fully responsive design. With an adaptable design and 100% instant zoom, the content of your digital library is accessible from all your media devices (computer, tablet, mobile).

Searching through collections

Faceted Search and Navigation to help users to narrow down search results and category listings by applying multiple filters.

User interface

LIMB Gallery offers a modern and customizable user interface for accessing content in a variety of different ways: geolocation, timeline, image wall, virtual book.

Organizing digital collections

Easily organize your content into different categories and collections with a faceted structure display.

Interoperability with online libraries

The IIIF and OAI PMH protocols allow you to share your content with other digital libraries, such as the Library of Congress, the Bibliothéque Nationale de France (National Library of France), the INHA and many more.

Interaction with the content

Annotation module to enrich content, enhance search results and engage your community.

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