LIMB Capture


The solution for your digitization projects

i2S scanners are driven by: LIMB Capture, which can be connected to our Limb Maestro software suite, to facilitate management of the digitization chain; LIMB Processing, for processing the image; and finally, LIMB Gallery, our digital library for disseminating images quickly and easily to our customers' public. LIMB Capture is easy to use and offers two different interfaces: production and self-service.

Discover i2S powerful digitization system recognized worldwide, LIMB Capture.

Every heritage digitization professional knows the challenges of digitization, protecting unique collections but also obtaining the most perfect image data as possible. Limb capture is the perfect software to meet the most demanding end-user.



Distortion-free digitization of bound documents Automatic centering Removal of fingers and other unwanted elements With LIMB Capture, your digitization is simple and optimized.


Multiple border choices and different saving formats.


Automatic centering before and after scanning Automatic calibration.


LIMB Capture drives all i2S scanner ranges.


Select modules according to your needs (OCR/payment/processing plug-in).


LIMB Capture can be connected to our LIMB software suite.

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