CopiBook Open System A2


The Scanner You Trust

CopiBook OS, the fastest book scanner on the market, scan time is less than 1 sec with EAGLE 71 MP camera! CopiBook OS, a fully configurable book scanner to cover all your needs. The Copibook OS is configurable, open, easy to use and gentle.

CopiBook OS is compliant with ISO 19264-1 standard, Metamorfoze and FADGI image quality guidelines.

I2S CopiBook Open System A2 ISO 19264-1, Metamorfoze and FADGI compliant

I2S CopiBook Open System A2 Angle 1
I2S CopiBook Open System A2 Angle 2
I2S CopiBook Open System A2 Angle 3


Image Quality

Compliant with the new ISO 19264 standard and the Metamorfoze and FADGI 3-star guidelines.


Scan time in color: < 1 second productivity of 1000 p/h


Choose your preferred modules to tailor the scanner to your needs.


Scanner driven by LIMB Capture Software with Real-time preview.


Format detection before scanning Automatic calibration.


No UV or IR emissions Preservation of fragile documents.

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