CopiBook Open System A1


Combines efficiency and productivity

The fourth generation of CopiBook range has been designed to satisfy the most demanding end-users, especially in terms of image quality. The CopiBook OS A1 comes with the E-XTRA camera, a new camera embeding the TrueColor technology: 400 dpi optical resolution and no Moiré pattern.

CopiBook OS, the ultimate scanner for high quality and high speed.

I2S CopiBook Open System A1 High Quality And Speed
I2S CopiBook Open System A1 Angle 2
I2S CopiBook Open System A1 Angle 3


The fastest book scanner on the market

The CopiBook OS A1 is the best scanner for digitization projects that require high quality and maximum productivity.

A scanner designed for your large digitization projects

CopiBook OS, meets the specific requirements of mass digitization projects on large format documents.

High quality and high speed

The E-XTRA camera, a new camera embeding the TrueColor technology.

Image Quality

E-XTRA camera, TrueColor technology inside 156 Mp - 400 dpi optical resolution EAGLE / E-HRIS cameras 71 Mp - 300 dpi optical resolution No mechanical shutter 9 cm depth of field.


3 sources for better homogeneity 2 positions with or without the book cradle LED lighting - cold lighting Cover to protect operator’s eyes.


Scan time < 1 sec / Cycle time < 5 sec at 300 dpi // Scan time < 4 sec / Cycle time < 11 sec at 400 dpi.

Scan area

600 x 840 mm with glass down.

Book Cradle

Motorized glass plate // Motorized book plate // Auto levelling system // Front touch pad // Automatic glass.

LIMB Capture

Color Live preview before scan // Multi frame management: saving multiple files from one scan // Thumbnails flow // Multilingual operator interface.

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