Design Acquisition Workflows For Any Process

With a variety of data ingestion integrations, Transact is equipped to acquire content whenever and wherever it enters your organization.

Template-free rules allow it to accept content in virtually any format without need for separator pages or special encoding.

Classification And Separation

Transact utilizes supervised machine learning to recognize and acquire all content related to a specific transaction.

Drag-and-drop training allows end users to recalibrate a variety of classification models on the fly.


Transact integrates the optimal mix of automated extraction and human validation to guarantee compatibility with the widest assortment of content types.

Easy point-and-click UIs make it possible for manual operators to audit and override automated activities in real time.

Enrichment And Validation

Automated validation models incorporate fuzzy searches against existing corporate data to ensure accuracy and contextual enrichment.

Transact allows you to enrich your data with solutions like Data Labeling and makes your data automation-ready.


Transact features a full suite of turnkey integrations and web services APIs to enable the amplification of this valuable data throughout the enterprise operations stack.

Turnkey Simplicity With Cloud Performance

  • AI-Powered Classification with operator calibration control
  • Globally available in over 50 countries and over 180 industries
  • Custom scripts to enforce business logic in workflow
  • Browser-based accessibility and UIs
Deployment Options:
  • Onsite
  • Private Hosted Cloud
  • Public Hosted Cloud
  • Web APIs support direct embedding in enterprise apps and customer portals

Extensible Functionality

Ephesoft Transact Enterprise Mobile Application
Transact Mobile

Enterprise mobile application with extensible SDKs

Ephesoft Transact Cloud Hyper Extender
Cloud HyperExtender

Enhance throughput and SLA performance with cloud compute resources

Ephesoft Transact Web Services API
Web Services

Enable any device, system or application with a broad suite of web services.

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