Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Invoice processing has never been easier. Semantik Invoice is a turnkey, cloud software solution that leverages advanced AI technologies to automate your process – from entering large volumes of invoices to accurately extracting data values to securely flowing it into your approval and payment workflows. Semantik Invoice turns your unstructured data into structured data in record time.

Say goodbye to manual data entry, copy and pasting data from table to table and having multiple screens open to compare vendors to purchase. With Semantik Invoice, transform your AP department within a few days and realize ROI fast.

Ephesoft Semantik 400 Percent Processing Time Decrease
Processing Time
Ephesoft Semantik Less Than 5 Minutes For Cloud Setup
Minutes For Cloud Setup
Ephesoft Semantik 97 Percent Bottom-Line Growth
Bottom-Line Growth
Ephesoft Semantik No Code
No Code
Ephesoft Semantik 50 Percent Cost Reduction
Cost Reduction

Automatic Line Item Extraction

With an industry leading AI model, Semantik Invoice will extract line item data from your invoices with no setup, while continuously improving accuracy. Long gone are the days of manually copying and pasting from one field to another.

Touchless Vendor Matching

Semantik automatically identifies and extracts vendor name and address from your invoices and can match the vendor against a master list in your ERP system. Type ahead and fuzzy db lookups will help you if a vendor cannot be exactly matched.

New Vendor? No Problem!

Semantik’s AI learning algorithms means you don’t have to spend time setting up templates for new vendors. Simply run the new vendor invoice through the system. Next time the invoice will be recognized and will flow right through.

Easily Connect To Any Business System

Semantik’s advanced connector and workflow technology removes the complexity of connecting to your business applications, including all leading ERP, workflow and content management systems. With over 1,000 pre-built connectors using industry-leading data security protocols, it’s a simple point and click task to get your system connected. No coding. No stress. End-to-end automation in minutes. It’s that easy.

Turnkey, High-Performance Simplicity In The Cloud

Ephesoft Semantik Configure in Minutes
Configure In Miniutes
Ephesoft Semantik Real-Time Processing
Real-Time Processing
Ephesoft Semantik Extraction
Semantik Extraction ™
Ephesoft Semantik Automatic Vendor Matching
Automatic Vendor Matching
Ephesoft Semantik AI-Powered Accuracy Improvement
AI-Powered Accuracy Improvement
Ephesoft Semantik Modern Cloud Architecture
Modern Cloud Architecture
Ephesoft Semantik Submit Invoice Via Email Attachment
Submit invoices via email attachment
Ephesoft Semantik Navigate ERP Integration with SSO Support
Native ERP Integration With SSO Support

It's Easy To Get Started

Ephesoft Semantik Talk To An Expert
1. Talk To An Expert
Ephesoft Semantik The Right Solution
2. We'll Help You Find The Right Solution
Ephesoft Semantik Fast and Pain Free Implementation
3. Implement fast and pain-free (quickest in the industry!)
Ephesoft Semantik Become an Automation Hero
4. Become an automation hero! Do more with less effort.

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