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One of NMS’ core competencies is workflow. While document information solutions without workflow provide benefits in the form of risk aversion, administrative consolidation and cost reduction, workflow is the key ingredient that catapults the impact that document information solutions can have on an organization. At NMS Imaging, we have developed and delivered eFlow™, a web based commercial-off-the-shelf workflow product. It is used by thousands of people everyday to accelerate how business gets done.

Commercial off the Shelf Workflow and Automation software for your most critical business processes.

Frustrated with the limitations of the workflow products on the market, NMS Imaging decided to develop its own workflow software in 2000. NMS Imaging wanted its software to be able to openly interact with multiple imaging platforms and host applications. The workflow product NMS Imaging developed, called eFlow, is a powerful platform that includes all the tools used to compose an automated workflow (e.g. routing, business rules, auditing, discussion threads). These tools can be quickly activated and tailored to interact with the customer’s existing infrastructure and automate any business.

The End-User Experience

eFlow is a web-based solution that works in all modern browsers such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. There is no client software to install. This reduces support costs and calls to your organizations help desk.

eFlow is in its fourth major release with heavy emphasis on the UX. User’s can quickly and easily navigate the interface and get to the content they need to complete their work. Utilizing front-end technology like AJAX, JQUERY and Bootstrap, many workflow functions can be completed without page refreshes or leaving the page the user is on.

Documents can be quickly added to a work item via simply uploading them or dragging them directly to a specific work item. File formats such as word documents, spreadsheets and images are converted on the fly to a format that can be directly rendered in the browser. This means that many file formats are viewable instantly to all without the need of users downloading compatible viewing software. For example, emails and their attachments can quickly be added to a work item by dragging the email from outlook straight into eFlow without other users needing to have outlook installed to view the email.

Powerful Tools at your fingertips.

eFlow includes a “what you see is what you get” (WYSISWG) workflow process map designer. Quickly connect points within a business process to control the flow of information and documents from on step of the process to the next. Work can flow between users in a process to specific business rules and scripts that dictates where the information goes next. Steps can include routing based on specific approvals, updating back-end host systems, or integrating with 3rd party systems. The possibilities are endless.

eFlow was built on top of its own API. This means that all features and functions of the software are available for use when integrating with 3rd party systems. The product can be extended to suit a wide variety of needs including new tools in the workflow process map designer. The user interface can be changed and the business rules re-used in different ways as the needs of the customer naturally evolve. Because eFlow is meant to be a flexible platform that is capable of supporting a variety of industries and users, eFlow is designed to be customized through various methods including user-defined fields, web forms, process map plug-ins, scripting and file storage plug-ins. Utilizing .NET as its framework eFlow offers a business logic API, remoting and web services to allow it to interface with other host systems on the intranet or in B2B applications via the internet.

Robust Reporting and Metrics Tools

Included with eFlow is a robust reporting tool that allows various metrics of the system to be viewed quickly. Every action taken within the system is logged including who viewed and opened particular items, how long items typically stay in a work queue as well as metrics based on arbitrary number of user-defined fields that are business process specific. This can include items such as payables vs receivables, inventory reporting, etc., depending on how the workflow process is designed. Additionally, reporting can center on specific users and groups of users to show overall productivity within your organization. Best of all, no additional software is needed as the reporting tool is built in. eFlow contains a number of built in reports out-of-the box and provides a report designer to easily add new reports to fit the needs of your organization.

Scalable Architecture

As your organization grows, so does eFlow. Based on proven architecture, eFlow is designed to scale. Whether you wish to bring additional workflow processes online within your organization or need to support thousands of users, eFlow can be scaled and extended. eFlow can be operated on a single server or scaled to run concurrently on multiple servers in a web farm environment, keeping up with demand. eFlow processes tasks such as storing, retrieving and / or updating information in back-end host systems asynchronously. This allows for more immediate responses to the end-users. Because the volume of workflows is unpredictable in nature, eFlow is designed to support thousands of users and millions of documents. eFlow integrates in with your organization’s Active Directory for its user account management. By negating the need for managing a separate system of user accounts, overhead costs and other IT-related expenses stay down. Group management allows you to assign specific role-based permissions to various Active Directory groups without the need of granting specific user permissions for thousands of users. Further, eFlow can operate in single sign on mode. With single sign on, users are allowed to access a suite of applications within the network, including eFlow, via one single login and are pre-authenticated to access these applications when they sign on to their workstation.


  • Group and role based user setup based on Active Directory
  • Single sign on support
  • Universal document view without the need for additional software
  • On-the-fly conversion of images and office file formats to PDF
  • Direct import of email and attachments from Microsoft Outlook
  • Context based search engine to find documents and work items quickly
  • Powerful API based on .NET with remoting and webservices support
  • Metrics reporting tool
  • Real time chat like discussion threads
  • Scalable to support thousands of users and millions of documents
  • Asynchronous processing of workflow rules and events
  • Event based triggerable actions
  • Extensive auditing on every action taken within the system
  • Streamlined user experience based on years of customer feedback
  • Support for all modern HTML 5 browsers
  • Ability to integrate in to a large variety of back-end host systems
  • WYSWIG work flow rules designer
  • Optional public facing portal for information you wish to share with users outside your organization
  • Extensible, custom workflow actions and rules based on plugin technology.
  • Reliable proven framework for maximum up time and minimal down time for you mission critical business processes.
  • 24x7 support

System Requirements

  • Windows Server 2016 or later with IIS 10.0 or higher
  • .NET Framework 4.71 or higher
  • SQL Server 2016 or later with full-text support

*Number of servers, RAM, CPU cores and storage space requirements contingent upon workflow complexity, number of concurrent users and workflow volume.

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