Dept. of Health and Human Services processes $1.5b in grants each day using NMS Imaging's eFlow solution.

When the DHHS needed to streamline their high volume paper based grants program they turned to their long term automation partner NMS Imaging and eFlow. 

The Payment Management System (PMS) is a centralized grants payment and cash management system, operated by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Program Support Center (PSC), Financial Management Service (FMS), Division of Payment Management (DPM).  DPM utilizes PMS to provide a full range of payment-related services for the Federal grant management community. The main purpose of the system is to serve as a fiscal intermediary between awarding agencies and grant recipients.

On-going goals and objectives are to expedite cash flow between the Federal government and grant recipients, to relay recipient disbursement information back to awarding agencies, and manage cash flow advances to grant recipients. PMS transacts over $400 billion annually in Federal cash payments, which amounts to well over $1.5 billion dollars each workday.  The quantity of in-coming hardcopy reports, forms and related support documents necessary to carryout the operations are enormous.  To illustrate the enormity, consider the following:  DPM receives a quarterly single-page 272 report from grantees.  Assuming 25,000 grantees, that’s over 100,000 pieces of paper per year for this report alone.  Another example is the three-page SF 1199A Direct Deposit Sign-Up form.  Historical trends indicate that DPM sets-up or modifies grant recipient bank account information for approximately 2,800 new accounts per year.  That’s approximately 8,400 pieces of paper just for this one form.


Twenty-five DPM accountants currently receive and process all documents; all of which are received by ten fax machines. DPM faced the tough challenges of receiving, properly routing, responding, filing, storing and safekeeping this tremendous volume of paper records.  Space problems are further compounded given the strict records-retention policies.  In addition, DPM is exposed to high-risk of not having access to records in the event of space flooding, fire or any other unfortunate Disaster Recovery (DR) and/or Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) event.

DPM deployed NMS Imaging’s eFlow to automation the current high volume manual hardcopy paper document process at the point of entry using the eFax Module for eFlow. DPM now has the ability to perform quick, easy and accurate queries/retrievals of the entire electronic repository to extract exact copies of any digitally stored documents.  The eFlow electronic process significantly reduced the challenges associated with receiving, filing, storing, purging, archiving, and retrieval. All of this was accomplished along with increasing DPM’s level of readiness and preparedness from a Disaster Recovery (DR) and Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) standpoint by making all of its stored records and documents remotely accessible through secure internet connectivity on a 24/7 basis.

The go live date for the eFlow system coincided with the legendary “Snowmageddon” of the Washington area. No workers were able to get to work for five days. However, with no prior training, all DPM workers were able to log-on to eFlow and easily use the “new system” at full productivity. As a bonus, DPM was able to document the functionality and success of our DR / COOP plan.


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