Seeing is believing.  

As a service to our users and the ECM community we publish some helpful videos.

In-depth overview of all of the administrator screens and the use of various interfaces in Ephesoft.

Automated invoice separation, data capture, and transfer to your ERP.

Review the administration process and the use of various interfaces in Ephesoft.

ReadSoft Batch Monitor

Ease administration of your high volume ReadSoft DOCUMENTS system with this NMS add on

ReadSoft File System Improvements

John Turner shows us some tips on keeping your ReadSoft file system efficient.

The Next Generation Scanning for Books and Documents


The BookScan Station Document Center is a high-volume, high-speed, easy-to-use, self-service scanning kiosk for books and documents that performs at more than 200% faster than the industry standard BookScan Station. 

ReadSoft database maintenance

Learn how to keep your ReadSoft solution humming with a little database maintenance.  

Kodak Capture Pro 4 Debut!

Here's a video of the newest version of Kodak Capture Professional.  Version 4 has great new features and capabilities. 

Improve your OCR results

Making small changes in your image quality will make huge changes in your OCR results​

SmartSearch Square9 Demo

10 minute demo showing the power of Square9's SmartSearch document management system

Use Acrobat PRO to downgrade your PDF files

Learn how to downgrade incoming PDFs to avoid processing issues in ReadSoft INVOICES and DOCUMENTS.  

Credit Card Data

How to validate CC numbers in ReadSoft

Using Kodak Capture and ReadSoft DOCUMENTS


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