NMS Imaging

Founded In 1971, We Have Been Deeply Involved In the Development of Records Management Solutions For Over Fifty Years.

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Our Offerings Include Products From nextScan and ST Imaging

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Best In Class Scanners From Atiz, Metis and Treventus

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Human Temperature Scanners

Helping Businesses Get Back To Doing What They Do Best

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Powerful tools to speed your most critical business processes

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Featuring Software from Ephesoft

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Expert Scanning Services

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Scan Any Size, Any Condition

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With the best people and the best partners NMS Imaging can provide your organization with all the services necessary for your project.

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Services We Provide

With the best people and the best partners NMS Imaging can provide your organization with all the services necessary for your project.

Microfilm & Microfiche Conversions

For over 50 years, NMS Imaging has been an industry leader in conversion services using super high quality, high-resolution Microform Scanners from nextScan to digitize your microfilm collections. Our edge-to-edge scanning technology ensures 100% capture of every pixel on your microfilm. Images are then automatically enhanced to produce the finest quality image output.

Book & Large Format Conversions

NMS Imaging uses the highest quality FADGI compliant Book Scanners from Metis to perform your conversion of Books & Large Format Documents. Without harming, stressing or cutting bindings, we capture images from all kinds of materials such as books, magazines, fragile documents, maps, artwork and newspapers.

Workflow, Automation & Business Process Design

NMS Imaging Design Engineers understand Business Process Design utilizing high-performance tools like eFlow and EPHESOFT. For automated Business Process with automatic data extraction, look no further than the tailored solutions offered by NMS imaging to deliver real-time measurable results to automate any Business Process.

Document Capture & Records Management

When it comes to image capture, eFlow Capture is the perfect ingestion choice. Any scanner for any image input is supported by eFlow Capture. It is the perfect front-end starting point for your Document Capture & Records Management Software System. Whether you are feeding an Ephesoft Software starting point or an Application Xtender Records Management System, an eFlow Capture integration will simplify the process of your tailored Workflow implementation.

Forms Recognition & OCR

When large volumes of images need to be captured and data automatically extracted within minutes, EPHESOFT is the perfect solution. NMS Imaging exclusively uses and recommends EPHESOFT whether the requirements call for an AI-enabled turnkey solution or a custom solution. No matter whether the images reside on microfilm, hardcopy or in the cloud, EPHESOFT and NMS imaging is the right choice for your conversion solution.

Training & Support Services

The Professional Services Group (PSG) of NMS Imaging offers tailored professional services products in conjunction with a client engagement agreement. Each yields a different deliverable according to our prescribed methodologies. A Framing Engagement is an exercise in properly identifying and profiling all aspects of a client’s requirements for one or more specific applications. A Build Engagement is the actual integration and tailoring of multi-vendor Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) software or hardware products to create a single integrated solution. A Deployment Engagement covers all aspects of on-site infrastructure recommendations and preparation. A Training Engagement can include any combination of User Training, System Administrator Training or Train-the-Trainer. Additionally, Annual Support Services Agreements are available for all systems and system components to maintain optimum performance and investment protection.