Industrial-strength PDF conversion, compression, OCR, & optimization for scanned pages, or any PDF

NMS Imaging can use the power of CVision's PdfCompressor to shrink your existing image repository and streamline all day forward images.  Turbo charge your document management and workflow systems while cutting costs and increasing security.  


Let NMS Imaging prove it to you by processing some of your toughest images.  




  • Email, transmit, download & upload compressed documents quickly & easily

  • Reduce storage & transmission by 10x-100x

  • Create instant access to paper-based information with

    high-speed OCR

  • More accurate OCR for more accurate text searches

  • View files instantly with web optimization

  • Archive documents with full PDF/A compliance

  • Produce better-looking files at smaller file-sizes 

PdfCompressor Whitepaper
PdfCompressor White Paper


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