Atiz Innovation is the pioneer in book digitization hardware. Atiz has developed a revolutionary product -- BookDrive®-- the world's first and only desktop-sized, automatic page-turning scanner that eliminates manual copying and scanning.

Atiz designs BookDrives, the world's best book scanners. Atiz popularizes the V-shaped scanning solution that is widely embraced by competitors in the industry as well as the do-it-yourself community online. Since 2006, the BookDrive line of scanners has been placed in over a thousand organizations ranging from the world's most prominent academic libraries, universities and service bureaus worldwide.

BookDrive scanners offer speed and portability for the budget conscious organization determined to digitize their collections. Atiz is also a winner of the 2009 Red Herring 100 North America award.

Atiz's mission is simple: a book scanner in every university and library in the world. We support global effort to create a universal library of all human knowledge. To date, we have helped hundreds of libraries around the world digitize millions of books in dozens of languages. We believe in the decentralized effort for it is the most viable way to create a universal library that does not leave any precious local books behind.

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